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Powerful Simple Steps to Create Wealth from Your Current Income…

Is it really possible to create wealth from an average every day income?

After you read Bruce Bishop’s groundbreaking new book, The Rich Revolution, the answer will be a resounding “YES.” Plus, you’ll have a ready-made roadmap that will take you on the most exciting and profitable journey of your life.

In this exceptionally refreshing new book you’ll also discover what sets the rich apart from the rest of us—and you may be stunned to learn it often has little to do with having an ultra-high salary or being a workaholic entrepreneur.




Here is The List Of Special Bonuses



Bruce Bishop

What have you got planned for your life? This plan will give you focus and direction a huge sense of purpose, once you’ve created your plan it’s like you’ve been given the end result even though the destination maybe some years off. Its like purchasing something online, once you press that buy now button even though you haven’t received the goods yet, you know they’re going to turn up. It’s the same with your life plan once you’ve created it you have this incredible sense of satisfaction knowing it’s going to happen.



Celia Delaney

‘Bring a Friend for Free’ to Celia’s most popular masterclass, iPromote: How to Speak Persuasively Inside & Outside your Business’. This 1-day course runs in Exeter and London in February 2014 and is part of Celia’s Speakers’ Academy. It is for both business owners and employees and has achieved great results in showing people how to structure a talk so that the listener is far more likely to take action!




Chris Day – Authorcraft – Filament Publishing 1. Free ticket to any AuthorCraft workshop – normally £38 (Currently monthly in London moving nationwide in 2014) 2. Free copy of my book ‘Turning your knowledge into income”



DIVIAN MISTRY PROPERTY SUCCESS ACADEMY The FREE giveaway “The 7 Figure Property Joint Venture Blueprint DVD”. “The Secret Weapon Property Investors Are Using To Create A 7 Figure Property Portfolio In 12 Months Or Less” – Yes You Can Really Create A 7 Figure Portfolio From Scratch In 12 Months Regardless Of Your Financial Situation.



Glenn Armstrong 4 Day Intensive Property Training at a 50% discount so you pay £495 +vat £250 +vat! Glenn Armstrong has been investing in property since 2004, he owns 243 properties in the Milton Keynes area with value of over £30 Million approximately. He wants to make 100 property millionaires and Glenn is over half way there already!



Julie Hanson “Silver’s the BIGGEST Opportunity I’ve Seen” Robert Kiyosaki, Best Selling Author of “Rich Dad Poor Dad” Now you can receive a FREE .999 Fine Silver Rhino Bar and grab your opportunity to win a 1oz American Silver Eagle Mint State 69. You also receive a FREE CD by Robert Kiyosaki. You can profit like never before by simply tapping into the greatest market trend in history! Discover why this trend is increasing by the minute. And we share with you how you can start acquiring silver coins for free – it’s true!



Lauren Ratcliffe SOCIAL SUCCESS ACADEMY Name of the Gift: Mastering Online Networking to BOOST Your Business

  • Find a niche area for Your business and learn how to dominate and profit from it online!
  • Why waste your time in groups and forums that aren’t making you any money?
  • Learn how to use 1 easy, simple and FAST effective tool for attracting the right people, groups and ultimately customers to ensure every minute you spend online is a profitable one!

Choose YOUR gift today and get this critically acclaimed course for 1/4 of it’s usual price! Just £99! PLUS you’ll get a special bonus just for turning up worth £997!



Sales Copy Review by Nick Griffith, JV Dinners Great sales copy is essential and it’s always good to refresh and renew I have written copy which SELLS products, FILLS events and BUILDS lists for 5+ years Send me copy that you currently use and I will re-write for you Usually this is £150, for you this ‘one-off’ is JUST £20



You don’t have to be a genius to apply my strategies…

Bruce will share with you how having dyslexia led to him leaving school with below average grades. In spite of this disadvantage he managed to create his own wealth and retire at the age of 44, having only earned an average income.

The practical and straightforward advice Bruce imparts in The Rich Revolution will give you the opportunity to create your own plan to financial freedom:

  • Proven, simple strategies to create a solid and secure financial future.
  • How to compress 40 years of wealth building into 20 years,10 or even less
  • Replace your earned income with and ever increasing passive income
  • Create a plan that takes you from now, to total financial and time freedom
  • Develop a mind-set that money is easy, not ‘hard work’

There are some fundamental differences between the rich and the rest of us. By understanding these simple differences and implementing them in YOUR OWN life, you can become rich. Contrary to popular belief you don’t have to have an amazing income, change career or start a business, this can be done from your present career and income…

Bruce’s main philosophy on money and wealth creation is…



Some words from Bruce…

‘THE RICH REVOLUTION’ is about empowering people through financial independence.

The main reason I wrote this book is the fact that if I’d known earlier what I know now, I could have achieved so much more and in a FRACTION of the time!

I’ve never been more than an ordinary guy with an ordinary income and yet have now achieved financial freedom by applying some simple strategies to my finances. By applying these strategies to your life you can enjoy the rewards of having money work for you, instead of continually having to work for money.

Think about that for a minute… If money was abundant and time was your own.

Do you have the home of your dreams, cars, holidays, eating out,early retirement, spending more time with loved ones, being able to do what you want, when you want. All of this is achievable with the right plans in place.

Take action to secure your financial future by purchasing THE RICH REVOLUTION.



Here’s what People Say

“An incredible road map that will take you on the most exciting and profitable journey of your life.”

─Ron G. Holland, International bestselling author

Simple, Believable Steps to Building Wealth With all the unrealistic hype out there about wealth building, Bruce Bishop has definitely found a fan in me. I love his mantra that it’s not how much you earn, but rather it’s what you do with what you earn. It’s inspiring to find a guide that teaches you that you don’t have to have a mega salary to build secure financial future. If you’re looking for a book about wealth building that you can finally relate to–I highly recommend The Rich Revolution.

Casey Demchak

So many young people are starting to look after their futures and are financially independent at a much younger age because they are not relying on pension plans. Bruce even says, “Along with an ever-increasing number of people, I have completely lost faith in pensions as a way of providing for our retirement. I now think it’s high time we woke up and took responsibility for our own futures.” Now I need to make sure my grand children get a copy, I want them to get an early start on planning their futures. Great book Bruce, thank you!!!