The Course

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What you can expect from The Rich Revolution wealth creation program.

The program is presented in three main parts.

  • Section One

Firstly the 7 principles of wealth, these will give you the focus to build a solid foundation.
  • Section Two

Secondly the 7 steps to wealth where you will be given the practical steps required for creating your own wealth.

These first two sections will be laid out as individual modules during which you will be introduced to 3 simple but effective pieces of software to help you with money allocation, a crucial part of our wealth building system.


  • 1#‘Budgeting Application’.

This amazingly simple application helps you understand your current financial position…where your income is being spent and the exact adjustments to make. It will also show you how to make minor tweaks for BIG results and how to create a new financial lifestyle…one that builds you true wealth.


  • The second is a ‘Debt-Reduction Application’.

Being in debt is the one thing that holds most people back from creating wealth so if you have any debt this application has been created for reducing debt in the fastest most efficient way, helpingsave on interest payments and enabling you to build true wealth.


  • Finally a ‘Compounding Application’.

This application is also very easy to use and shows you exactly how your money can grow using a little-known formula that works out how long an investment will take to double your money. How to use time to make spectacular profits and how to plan to take profits out of an investment without jeopardising your long-term goals.

  • Section Three

The third section will bring everything you’ve learnt together in your own individual life plan. Giving you a clearly defined route map of where you need to go and how to get there. None of us would think twice about moving house, getting married, going on holiday or even going shopping without some sort of plan.

The fact is we make plans for so many things in our life but we pay little attention to our financial future.

Your plan will give you focus and direction a huge sense of purpose, once you’ve created your plan it’s like you’ve been given the end result even though the destination maybe some years off.

Its like purchasing something online, once you press that buy now button even though you haven’t received the goods yet, you know they’re going to turn up.

It’s the same with your life plan once you’ve created it you have this incredible sense of satisfaction knowing it’s going to happen.

There is More…

As well as all of the above as a member of The Rich Revolution you will have access to an invaluable directory of income and investment opportunities.

This will give you a unique insight to income and investment opportunities not normally seen by the general public.

Plus Another…

You will also also get access to live events and webinars focused on specialised subjects featuring expert speakers thatlift your motivation and focus. This will keep you up-to-speed with the latest information and increase your knowledge on relevant subjects that you may wish to specialise in.


Also included:

  • A abbreviated e-book version of the course to cement your knowledge.
  • MP3 audio download as a re-cap of the course. So you can listen in the car, on the train, out for a run or simply with your feet up. This will keep you focused on your plan.
  • Members forum where like-minded people can share ideas, debate and even create joint-venturing opportunities of their own.
  • A library of all previous trainings, events and webinars.


So in summary:

  • How to define true wealth – and how to choose the right path to financial freedom.
  • Simple ways to spend your income wisely – to create wealth.
  • How to create a balanced financial lifestyle…leaving you confident and relaxed about money and your future.
  • How to use debt to your advantage, not to your cost.
  • The long-term impact on your wealth of buying or renting.
  • One of the best-kept secrets about wealth.
  • Discover how to gain expert knowledge in any area, without having to learn anything new.
  • Understanding your current financial position.
  • Structuring your finances for creating wealth by using a unique software application.
  • A step-by-step guide for creating a new financial lifestyle – one that will give you the freedom and money to enjoy life whatever it is you choose to do.
  • An opportunity to increase your income, and how a small amount can make a dramatic difference if handled right.
  • A proven system for getting out of debt, FAST by using our unique power payment in a structured, manageable way.
  • Discover how to structure your money so that you’re never caught short in an emergency.
  • How to build a ‘Wealth Fund’ and invest your money to make more money.

Join The Rich Revolution and live the life of your choice.